My Method

The Method: Individual. Specific. Nutrition

The Individual: Everyone is unique. What makes us even more distinct, is our day-to-day living.  Clinically, you must consider the lifestyle of the individual, before you prescribe the ultimate dietary prescription.

Specific: Fad-diet companies have tried to incorporate the ‘personalized dietary approach’ in selling their programs. There is no possible way you can create a diet that is specific to the Individual–unless you’re using diagnostic measures–such as:Respiration to figure out resting expenditure, blood testing to understand underlying micronutrient deficiencies (e.g., Vitamin D), stool testing for yeast imbalance and gut-transit issues, and salivary tests for hormones and their metabolic influences (e.g., cortisol and digestion).

Nutrition: The famous quote–“One man’s food is another’s poison”–is truly why I study and research nutrient interactions within our bodies. Nutrition is the foundation to optimal health.