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Alice Before

Consulting with Stella last August was one of the best decisions of my life.  For the past five years, my health had increasing declined.  I experienced chronic and unexplained fatigue, insomnia, bloating, inflammation, digestive problems, and declining ability to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients.  Despite my efforts to “eat right” and exercise, I was feeling increasingly worse and putting on weight.  I felt helpless and quite frankly, I was convinced that I would never feel normal again.

Stella suggested running an extensive GI panel to help deduce the cause of my symptoms. The results indicated that my body had several intolerances to certain foods- which I was consuming in large amounts. Thereafter Stella suggested a cleansing diet to help me back on the track. As of this writing (November), not only have I lost 20 pounds, I feel and look much better. I don’t’ have the need to take naps, I have more energy and sleep better, and the bloating and inflammation have disappeared.

Stella has provided so much guidance and tools- including menu plans, recipes, nutritional information, that I know I will be successful going forward.  Aside from being a great nutrionist, she is a wonderful person to work with. She made the process so easy and seamless!
Alice T.