Stella Metsovas voted Best Nutritionist!

best Stella Metsovas voted Best Nutritionist!Stella Metsovas–a nationally accredited expert in the media–was voted ‘Best Nutritionist’ in Orange County!  Stella’s recently been named as ‘One of America’s Nutrition Experts’ by Womans Day magazine.

Optimizing your Digestion and Metabolism

Nutritional therapy can help you achieve the pinnacle of health; since food is the basis and fuel of all chemical processes that take place in the body.  The key principle behind Weightless, aka W8Less Nutrition, is to optimize your digestion and improve your metabolic capacity, via absorption of key vitamins and minerals.  W8less Nutrition uses a sophisticated-integrated system, that relies on your biochemistry, lifestyle, and physiological components to your health.  



stella AboutStella Metsovas, a former athlete and nutrition specialist, has over 15 years of experience in both the health and fitness industry. Majoring in Food Science, Stella has extensive knowledge of the chemical properties in foods and how efficiently they’re metabolized. Stella’s been featured in Fox News, The New York Times, Webmd, eDiets, Univision, AOL Celebrity Diet and Fitness, AOL Health and most recently, People Magazine’s largest selling issue of the year, “How I Lost Half My Size”.