My Method

My Method

The Method: Individual. Specific. Nutrition

The Individual: Everyone is unique. What makes us even more distinct, is our day-to-day living.  Clinically, you must consider the lifestyle of the individual, before you prescribe the ultimate dietary prescription.

Specific: Fad-diet companies have tried to incorporate the ‘personalized dietary approach’ in selling their programs. There is no possible way you can create a diet that is specific to the Individual–unless you’re using diagnostic measures–such as:Respiration to figure out resting expenditure, blood testing to understand underlying micronutrient deficiencies (e.g., Vitamin D), stool testing for yeast imbalance and gut-transit issues, and salivary tests for hormones and their metabolic influences (e.g., cortisol and digestion).

Nutrition: The famous quote–“One man’s food is another’s poison”–is truly why I study and research nutrient interactions within our bodies. Nutrition is the foundation to optimal health.



stella AboutStella Metsovas, a former National USA Swimmer and nutrition specialist, has over 15 years experience in both the
health and fitness industries. Majoring in Food Science, Stella has extensive knowledge of the chemical properties
in foods and how efficiently they’re metabolized.