stella AboutStella Metsovas, a former National USA Swimmer and exness nutrition specialist, has over 15 years experience in both the
health and fitness industries. Majoring in Food Science, Stella has extensive knowledge of the chemical properties
in foods and how efficiently they’re metabolized.

Along with being voted “Best Nutritionist” by Citysearch, Stella’s also been featured in Fox News, The New York
Times, Webmd, eDiets, Univision, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, AOL Celebrity Diet and Fitness, AOL
and most recently, People Magazine’s largest selling issue of the year, “How I Lost Half My Size.” Stella also
serves as Chairman/Spokesperson to the World Food Program Committee of Los Angeles, a charitable
organization exness south africa which raises support in America for the United Nations World Food Program.
Stella really began her career at age 13. An accomplished swimmer, she trained under the top Olympic coaches
and swimmers of the United States swim team. Stella competed at the Junior Olympic and National levels. After
being diagnosed as severely anemic, with Ferritin (a protein that stores Iron in the tissues) levels well below the
normal, she began to suffer from debilitating performances at some of the top US swim meets.

After seeking medical attention, the problem did not change; in fact, it got worse. The anemia affected Stella
physiologically and psychologically. After a year of prescriptions for artificial hormones and numerous doctors’
evaluations, Stella’s mother sought other options. She was referred to a clinical nutritionist who added vitamins
and minerals specifically for her daughter’s needs. Within one month of her visit to the nutritionist, Stella felt better.
Consequently, the decision to exness broker review pursue a career in Sports Medicine or Nutrition was inevitable.

During her first year at Chapman University, Stella took courses in Physiology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Food Science,
and Nutrition. Working as a personal trainer at the time, Stella realized that her true passion resided in the
Nutritional Sciences. Today, Stella is completing her M.S. in Nutrition and plans to earn her Ph.D. soon after. In
addition, Stella is writing a book about her innovative Base concept that she has developed over the past six
years while serving her clients. Stella also plans to pursue research in the field of Nutrigenomics (the study of
nutrients and DNA).

In her sixth year of private practice in Laguna Beach, Calif., Stella also resides in Laguna Beach with her husband.