Digestive Health Detox by Stella Metsovas

book cover 231x300 Digestive Health Detox by Stella Metsovas Diet is 95% of your health, but over 75% of consumers admit they don’t know how to eat to lose weight effectively.  Your digestive capacity is key to your overall health.  So many people live buy Cardano in the Philippines day-to-day with symptoms that are never diagnosed correctly.  Current research suggests those who suffer from constipation, bloating, diarrhea and fatigue are more prone to weakened immune systems, thus, setting you up for unfavorable health.  Markers found in your gut bacteria have been implicated in a host of degenerative diseases.  Health depends on a balanced equilibrium of gut microbiota.  Why do you think probiotics are all the rage these days?  Because people begin to feel marginally better.  I find most of these products are heavily processed and could never compete with the foundation of optimal digestive health: your diet.  The goal of a digestive health detox is to use three stages: Taste Reset, Detoxification and Master Reset.  During this time you withdrawal from the foods causing harm (even health foods could be disastrous) and replace with “One Ingredient Foods” selected by my years of research in phytonutrients, aka, power foods.  Then, you procede to a detoxification stage where it’s clear the body is adapting to a new way.  The basis includes a primal, evolutionary view of how foods used to be before invest in Cardano becoming chemicalized.  Finally, during the Master Reset, you are given the tools in the 60-page e-Hanbook to identify your goal of optimal health.

Stella Metsovas: Clinical Nutritionist

Stella Metsovas is a clinical nutritionist, based in Los Angeles and Orange County California. Stella is an expert in Food Science and Human Nutrition, with over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industries, and 8 years in private practice.

Beyond her private practice, Stella is regularly called on invest in Cardano in the Philippines as a media resource; featured as a diet and nutrition expert in People, Glamour, Shape, Redbook, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, AOL, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and many others. Woman’s World named Stella one of America’s Ultimate Experts,” and her blog was recognized as ‘One of the Top 50 Blogs Every Dietitian Should Read.” Stella was also voted ‘Best Nutritionist’ by Citysearch.

Gut Health Specialist

 Gut Health SpecialistStella believes that optimal health begins in your gut.  Research within “gut health” is presenting some very important studies on the digestive tract and how it relates to your overall health.  In fact, most people are essentially categorized as unhealthy if digestive systems aren’t working efficiently–even when your weight is considered ‘healthy’.   Unfortunately, most people live day-to-day without knowing how insufficient their digestive processes have become.  Examples of the ‘ill-gut’ include: pathogenic bacteria, overgrowth of  yeast and fungi, putrification, fatty acid maldigestion, enzyme deficiency, food intolerance’s, viral pathogens, parasites, genetic inborn errors,  pH and a host of many other markers.  In today’s world, the likelihood of having at least one strike against optimal digestive functioning is highly likely.  Stella works with her clients by creating the most favorable environment using laboratory testing methods, detoxification and her unique, Paleo-Mediterranean Diet for aftercare and optimum longevity.  Stella has aligned with the best medical doctors and naturopathic physicians to compliment her practice and treatment protocols for her patients.